1. Sherron has been speaking publicly since 2002.  She has keynoted more than 50 events. She has also appeared in 3 documentary films and on numerous television and radio shows.   


Watch Sherron on Fox Business News discussing the collapse of Lehman Bros and similarities with  the Enron Corporation’s meltdown.

  1. Alex Gibney’s Oscar-nominated documentary, Enron, the Smartest Guys in the Room. 

  2. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

Speaking around the globe from Europe to Dubai to Cartagena.

See Sherron in the following documentary films:
The Ascent of Money, a film by Niall Ferguson, PBS premier, January 13, 2009
On the Side of Angels, A film by Mathieu Verboud, on whistleblowers, Zadig Productions, 2008 Enron, The Smartest Guys in the Room, directed by Alex Gibney, 2005 premier
Television and radio interviews:
•	BBC HARDTalk, March 2009, Stephen Sackur talks to Sherron Watkins and Paul Moore
•	Fox Business News, February 4, 2009, Neil Cavuto interviews Sherron Watkins on Madoff Whistleblower, Markopoulos
Fox Business News, Dec. 23, 2008, Neil Cavuto interviews Sherron Watkins on Lehman Brothers Collapse
BBC Radio World Service, Oct. 28, 2008, Whistleblowing, Global Business program, interview with Peter Day
Fox News, Sep. 20, 2008, Your World with Neil Cavuto; Special Report on Lehman Collapse
Fox Business News, Sep. 16, 2008, Enron Whistleblower on SEC Failure; How did  SEC miss Madoff
•	BizRadio.com, Sep. 4, 2008, “Where Wall Street Meets Main Street" with Jack Warkenthien
•	FM103.2, Sydney, June 4, 2007, Open House with Sheriden Voysey, Australia
Irish Radio 1, Dec. 18, 2006, RTE Radio 1, Ireland
CNN International, Nov. 27, 2006, Insight, Five Years after the Enron Scandal
BBC Radio, Sep. 12, 2006, Radio 4, The Choice
	CNBC, May 28, 2006, The Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo
•	NBC, The Today Show, May 26, 2006
•	CNBC, Squawk Box, May 26, 2006
•	CNN Headline News, May 26, 2006
•	CNBC, Topic A with Tina Brown, guests Bill Holstein, Paul Krugman, Sir Howard Stringer and Sherron Watkins, May 14, 2004
•	BBC World Service, May 22, 2006, Business Daily Programme
NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox, others, various interviews from 2003 to 2005, both TV and radio
University lectures:
•	University of California, Irvine
•	Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
•	Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
•	The College of St. Catherine’s, Minneapolis, MN
•	University of Texas at Austin
•	Bryant College, Smithfield, RI
•	Rutgers College, New Brunswick, NJ
•	Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
•	Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
•	Rice University, Houston, Tx
•	St. Thomas University, Houston, Tx
•	Yale School of Management, New Haven, CN
•	Yale School of Divinity, New Haven, CN
•	Scripps University, Claremont, CA
•	Stern School, New York University, New York, NY
•	Northeastern University, Boston, MA
•	Dickinson School of Law, Carlisle, PA
•	Sam Houston State University, Presidents Speaker Series, Huntsville, Tx
•	George Mason University, “Moments of Truth: an examination of the practice of ethics,”  Fairfax, VA
•	University of Texas at Austin, Liberal Arts Council, “Courage of Your Convictions: Ethical Leadership in the 21st Century,” Austin, TX
•	Oklahoma Christian University, “Moral Courage: The Ethical Lessons of Enron”
•	Brigham Young University, “The Ethical Lessons of Enron” 
•	University of Houston, Bauer College of Business, Houston, Tx
•	National War College, Ethics in Strategic Leadership, Washington, DC
•	2009 Marvin A. Chirelstein Colloquium, Contemporary Issues in Law and Business, Yale Law School
•	Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Leadership Conferences, Keynote Addresses and Panel Discussions:

•	PBS, If Women Ruled the World, Panel Discussion, Washington, DC
•	Forbes’ Executive Women’s Summit, San Francisco, CA
•	University of Texas at Austin, Leadership Conference, Austin
•	Women’s Leadership Conference, Linkage, Inc., San Francisco, CA
•	Betsy Magness Leadership Institute, Women: Leadership, Values & Ethics, New York, NY
•	Possible Woman Leadership Conference, Atlanta, GA
•	Simmons School of Management Leadership Conference, Boston, MA
•	Wharton Leadership Conference, Pennsylvania, PA
•	Fortune Magazine, Most Powerful Women Summit, Scottsdale, AZ
•	Scripps University, “Ethical Eye for the Business Lie: Extreme Makeover in the American Workplace,” Alexa Fullerton Hampton Speaker Series of Trailblazers
•	Wharton West Coast Leadership Conference, Wharton, San Francisco, CA
•	Forbes Executive Women’s Forum, New York, NY
•	Baypath College, Women’s Professional Development Conference, Springfield, MA
•	ISC Symposium, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
•	Linkage Ethics & Leadership Seminar, Linkage, Inc., Boston, MA
•	Global Business Forum, Banff, Alberta, Canada
•	International Human Rights Forum, Lucerne, Switzerland, Corporate Transparency as a Condition of Effective Human Rights Policy
•	Integrity in Business Forum for CEOs, Regence Group, Salt Lake City, Utah
•	McMaster 30th Annual World Congress, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
•	Bryant University, Character of Success Leadership Conference, Smithfield, RI
•	Marsh & McLennan Companies, Management Conference, Dallas, Tx
•	Alix Partners, Customers & Managers Conference, Las Vegas, NV
•	Ernst & Young, Women Partners’ Annual Conference, Orlando, FL
•	NW Mutual Insurance, Customer Conference, Phoenix, AZ
•	Loughlin Meghji Company, Customer Conference, Palm Beach, FL
•	FBI White Collar Fraud Conference, FBI, San Francisco, CA
•	Hatch Mott MacDonald, Sea to Sky Conference, Whistler, BC, Canada
•	Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Systems and Process Assurance Group, Partner/Manager Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
•	Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC, Partners annual meeting, Charleston, SC
•	Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA
•	Treasury Management Association, Houston, Tx
•	American Accounting Association, Annual Conference, San Antonio, Tx
•	Institute of Internal Auditors, Chicago Chapter, Chicago, IL
•	Corporate Executive Board, Chief Audit Executive Charter Advisor Panel, Washington, DC
•	Treasury Management Association, Minneapolis, MN
•	Institute of Management and Administration, New York, NY
•	The Association of Financial Professionals, 24th Annual Conference, Orlando, FL
•	Certified Fraud Examiners, UK Conference, London, England
•	Institute of Management and Administration, Human Resources Conference, New York, NY
•	Chief Financial Officer Summit, Produced by World Trade Group
•	Certified Fraud Examiners Conference, New York, NY
•	Catholic Health Association, Annual Conference, Chicago, IL
•	Human Resources Group, Houston, Tx
•	World Council of Credit Unions, Annual Conference, Rome, Italy
•	International Cooperative Alliance, General Assembly, Cartagena, 	Colombia
•	Securities Industry Association, Risk Management Conference, New York, NY
•	Corporate Secretary Fall Regional Conference, Stay Ahead of the Heat Ethics Workshop, San Antonio, Tx
•	North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Leadership Conference, San Antonio, Tx
•	Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Annual Conference, Chicago, IL
•	National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Annual Conference, Orlando, FL
•	Corporate Governance Conference, Pink Elephant IT Group, Orlando, FL
•	Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance Group, Best Practices Forum, Washington, DC
•	Credit Union of British Columbia, Fall Conference, Vancouver, BC,Canada
•	AICPA, Business Valuation Conference, Austin, Tx
•	Institute of Internal Auditors, UAE Chapter, 8th Annual Gulf Regional, Audit Conference, Dubai, UAE
•	Institute of Internal Auditors, NY Chapter, Annual Conference, New York, NY
•	MIS Training Institute, Best Practices Forum, Las Vegas, NV
•	Institute of Internal Auditors, Houston Chapter, August Seminar, Houston, Tx
•	Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen, Annual Conference, Whistler, BC
•	WBSN Foundation, Houston, Tx
•	Association of Health Lawyers, Annual Meeting, “A Risky Place to Work,” Washington, DC
•	Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, Annual Texas District Conference, Houston, Tx
   The Institute of Corporate Directors, 2008 Conference, Governance and Financial Markets in North America, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

NOTE:  listing above is not inclusive of all speaking and training events.

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